Welcome to the 2023-2024 Academic Year at Trillium Success Academy

Dear Esteemed Parents,

We are thrilled to welcome you and your children back to Trillium Success Academy for the commencement of the 1st term of the new academic session in September 2023. Your trust in our institution with the education and nurturing of your child is both honored and valued. As always, we remain dedicated to providing an enriching learning environment, rooted in a 21st-century curriculum tailored to foster intellectual and personal growth in our students.

To clarify our earlier communication regarding the payment schedule and to address any confusion that may have arisen, we are offering a detailed breakdown of the fees structure for this term:

  1. Fee Structure
    1. Tuition
      1. This Term: ₦60,000
      2. Subsequent Terms: ₦70,000
    2. Uniforms
      1. A set comprising of attire for EYFS and Basic Grades: ₦10,000
    3. Learning Resources
      1. EYFS: ₦40,000
      2. Basic Grades: ₦45,000
    4. Additional Requirements
      1. New Friday Wear: ₦5,000
      2. Examination Fee: ₦5,000


  1. Extra-Curricular Activities
    1. Each activity will cost ₦5,000 per term except for the Coding class which will be ₦10,000 per term. The activities on offer this term are:
      1. Coding (Note: Complimentary for Pre School pupils)
      2. Music
      3. French
      4. Diction

As we inaugurate these extra-curricular initiatives, we are offering our adorable Pre School pupils complimentary access to the coding class to spur an early interest and foundation in this critical skill set.

Total Term Fees:

  1. EYFS: ₦145,000
  2. Basic: ₦150,000
  3. Pre-School: ₦135,000


Health & Well-being

We continue to uphold our emphasis on healthy eating and neatness. Detailed information remains as shared in our previous communication.

Library Day

On library days, students will be bringing books home. We encourage you to assist in overseeing their reading and to log the details of each book read, including the title and the date read.

Return of Registration Items

Kindly ensure that all items specified during the registration are returned promptly.

As we venture into this promising academic year, rest assured that we remain a partner in the educational journey of your child, and we will keep you abreast of any pertinent information.



Thank you for being part of the Trillium Success Academy family. We eagerly look forward to a year filled with learning, growth, and many successes.


Warm regards,

The Management and Directors

11 September, 2023
School Campus